Perplexed In Paradise
Perplexed In Paradise
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In 2015 my family, along with my in-laws, took a vacation to the beautiful island of Crete, a small island off the coast of Greece. The trip was years in planning. We planned daily trips to museums, and jaunts off to other islands. We pored over articles, travel books, maps and youtube videos in anticipation. A whole month away from the responsibilities of home? We could hardly wait!

By the time we left, we had everything covered. We boarded the flight to Frankfort amid cheers and well wishes of other family members.

Three planes later were landing at the Chania airport, jumping into our rented car and driving a couple of hours to our villa in Tavonitis. You can imagine our joy exploring the 8 room Cretean house that would be our home for a month.

The next week, our peaceful relaxing vacation came to a crashing halt. A neighbor texted my father-in-law to ask him if he had known in advance that his tenants had a moving van in the driveway of his rental house yesterday and seemed to be moving.  

“What? Are you sure?” He asked. “Yes, they are packing up and driving off right now!” his neighbor said and reported back the house was empty, the door was locked and he thought that he could hear running water.

Panic set in, imagining leaking pipes, warped hardwood floors from flooding and worse. The next few weeks and the rest of our vacation was spent dealing with the anxiety of all that.

Gone was our relaxing month, the beaches and the tours. My father-in-law spent most of the day dealing with the locksmith, the plumbers, and housecleaners, advertising the house for rental and trying to find someone who would show the house and take applications.

When we got home, my father-in-law rethought the wisdom of handling his rental properties without a property management company. Although he was a Do-It-Yourself kind of guy, not having any help when the timing couldn’t get any worse made him take a second look. 

In 2016, he began to research property management. Being inclined to DIY it was a tough pill to swallow to hire a dedicated management company or individual. What he found was a company like Swan was able to provide the support he needed without the added expense. He was able to do the entire process from service, to listing, to even taking online rent payments from one source, and the only expense for the whole package was just a transaction fee if someone opted to pay online. 

So this year, we return to Crete, to Tavronitis and to our villa. The difference this year however, is that Swan will be going along with us, and we can finally relax! Who’s the first one in the pool?