Rent on Swan just got even easier
Rent on Swan just got even easier
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Greetings! As we continue to grow, as promised, more options and features abound while we retain our user-friendly interface. Best way I heard it put, “Make things so a smart eight-grader can figure it out & you’re golden”. With such a goal in mind, Swan is rolling out a simple-to-use ACH payment option for processing rent payments. Some folks prefer to pay without using a card and we get that.

Tangent: The team here at Swan is always thinking about how we can save ourselves, and our customers, money. Our strategy is not to widen profit margins as we make more money, but to keep such growth going and do that by keeping customers happy. That means sharing in sacrifices AND gains. Strategically, this is how we plan to maintain sustainable growth without selling out. In that vein, we hope widening payment options will aid landlord and renter alike by keeping costs down.

I prefer to use my card as I’m accumulating airline miles. Other users sometimes need to use a credit card while waiting for their paycheck to clear. And we have users who prefer to go directly through their bank to conduct all of their business transactions. It takes a village and we always strive to meet those expanding expectations.

Payment Details can be accessed through the “Payments” link on or by clicking the link below:

As always, your feedback is warmly welcomed and sincerely valued. If you see room for improvement, reach out to one of the founders or comment below. We really do review every detail and suggestion. Thank you for keeping up to date on all things Swan, we appreciate your business and insight to make things better!